The Misfit Book

The Misfit Book

Possibly magical, possibly cursed. Probably tired.

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I am building this site line by line with no coding expertise please bear with me.

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Home of wailing women and the politically charged. I love punk music! I love queers! I love diy!

also a big fan of fish so theres gonna be a fish corner somewhere

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16.10.23 - updates section. about page. scrollbars.

13.10.23 - even more blinkies, resource links, fishy corner started construction

12.10.23 - theme created. columns, navigation bar, drop down menu, colours, title, not found page.

11.10.23 - site created


its 5 am 7am and i am still building this website

ive learnt a lot in one day and my brain is sludge from being ill (thanks municipal waste mosh pit). i hope i keep up with this website. although i never had live journal or access to much of the old web, i still loved it. i spent hours as a teen combing through old forums for scraps of information about my chemical romance. i was also a frequent visitor of wildlife websites that looked straight out of 2003. i bloody love a map. maybe i should do that but with bands i love. thats a great idea i should make a to do list.


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blinkie pages: | make your own blinkies! transbro blinkies adrians echoes of the end blinkiecollecti0n

old web resources: gifcities

to do list

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  1. musician map

  2. concert list

  3. blinkies resource

  4. toybox

  5. cephalopod club

  6. albums i own